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Looking for an obstetrics or gynecology provider in the Chicago, area?

Northwestern Women's Health Associates is affiliated with Northwestern Memorial / Prentice Women's Hospital. Our office is located in downtown Chicago.
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680 N. Lake Shore Drive # 1200,
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 1-312-440-9400

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8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
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Lisa E. has reviewed

Five star review originally posted on Google+

Having your first child is both exciting and scary. My husband and I had so many concerns, questions, and completely oblivious to the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth. Dr. Julianne Morton was absolutely incredible and is what made this entire experience from first meeting through delivery something so special. Every appointment during the pregnancy she and her team were thorough and genuinely cared about our family and newborn. She was always available with every little question or concern no matter how minor. The experience of labor and delivery could not have gone better and exceeded my expectations. The nurses and entire team at Prentice was so accommodating and professional I had complete trust in everyone. Dr. Morton was there from when I got admitted and came when I was ready to delivery my baby. She was so calm and guided me through everything that it made the process almost 'easy'. She truly knew what she was doing the entire time and my delivery went so smooth. I really believe this is one of the main reasons why my postpartum recovery was so fast! Thank you Dr. Morton for making this entire experience so memorable and smooth!!