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Women’s health is our specialty and priority Trust our advanced expertise, technologies

There are more than 160 recognized specialties and subspecialties in the U.S. By partnering with a qualified specialist, or OBGYN, women are best equipped to maintain their health – and the health of their babies — at every stage of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Best OBGYN Specialist in Chicago area

Northwestern Women’s Health Associates is led by a talented and experienced team of physicians and nurse practitioners. Our obstetricians and gynecologists are board-certified and sought-after authorities in a range of subspecialty areas. Additionally, as our name suggests, we are affiliated with Northwestern Memorial/Prentice Women’s Hospital. We are regularly ranked as one of the top hospitals in Chicago and Illinois and among the leading institutions in the country. Patients have peace of mind that their health is in exceptional and caring hands. 

All women are generally advised to visit specialists like our skilled ob-gyn team every year. Depending on factors such as age, you may be screened for cervical cancer or HPV (human papillomavirus). Importantly, these annual “well” visits are great opportunities to remain that way, healthy and feeling your best. We welcome any questions concerning symptoms or changes that you have noticed. In fact, it is important that you contact us right away and tell us about any changes that you have noticed, such as:

  • Pelvic pain 
  • Painful sex
  • Heavy bleeding during periods 
  • Lengthy periods (lasting more than seven days)
  • Pain when urinating 
  • Painful periods
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There are myriad conditions that could be associated with these and other symptoms that we commonly see and treat. Fortunately, we have the considerable expertise and advanced technologies to accurately pinpoint the source of these distressing problems. With an accurate diagnosis in hand, we can effectively treat the underlying problem. 

Pregnant women should not ignore pelvic, abdominal, or radiating lower back pain. We will get you on a healthy schedule of regular visits to our practice. We can review any concerns you may have and stay ahead of potential problems. 

Partly, for all women, regardless of whether they are pregnant, we work to identify and minimize the risks of developing conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. These and other largely “modifiable” factors or associated lifestyle factors (like smoking and being overweight) can increase the risk of certain cancers and pregnancy complications. 

Our associates are adept at proactively caring for women at every stage of their lives and treating a range of obstetric and gynecologic conditions. Our expertise includes: 

  • “Normal” care during pregnancy 
  • Caring for “complicated” pregnancies, i.e., women with preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or babies who are at risk of congenital disorders
  • Testing for genetic conditions 
  • Fetal monitoring to track baby’s heartbeat
  • Treatment of endometriosis 
  • Laparoscopic or minimally-invasive gynecologic surgery
  • Hysteroscopy (for biopsies to remove tumors and polyps)
  • Open, laparoscopic, and robotic hysterectomies 
  • Fibroid management 
  • Contraceptive and birth control 
  • Endometrial ablation (for heavy periods)
  • Care of pelvic and ovarian masses/cysts

If it is a concern to you, it is a concern to us. And, as specialists and leaders in supporting women’s health, we can be trusted to help you through whatever life brings, its challenges, and its joys, as we celebrate those, too! Call 312-440-9400 to schedule an appointment today at Northwestern Women’s Health Associates in Chicago, IL.

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women’s healthcare, our team of experts is dedicated to providing every woman highest level of sensitive, specialized care

At Northwestern Women's Health Associates

your unique needs are our highest priority.

Making use of advanced technology and staying on the cutting edge of women’s healthcare, our team of experts is dedicated to providing every woman who visits our office with the highest level of sensitive, specialized care. At our office in Chicago, you can receive exceptional obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN) services from any one of our highly skilled doctors, including Stanley Friedell, MD; Abbie Roth, MD; Regina Belmonte, MD; Sharon Wise, MD; Julianne Morton, MD; Whitney Dunn, MD; Aleena Lakhanpal, MD ; and Margaret Kistner, MD. With their combined expertise, this team of board-certified doctors at Northwestern Women's Health Associates makes it possible for you to receive efficient, personalized care from the preeminent women’s hospital in the Midwest.

Success Stories

  • 5 Star Review
    "Wonderful experience with Dr. Julianne Morton @ NW Women's Associates. I've recommended her to countless girlfriends. Being a first time mom, I went through many physical symptoms and emotions that accompany pregnancy. She is extremely thorough, patient, and has wonderful bedside manner. I felt confident going into delivery with Dr. Morton taking the lead with my delivery. Wonderful practice!"

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr. Morton is absolutely amazing. She cared for me throughout my first pregnancy and we found her to be kind and caring and straightforward - could not have asked for a better experience! Dr. Dunn ended up being on call during my delivery and she was great as well. I have always found the nurses and office staff to be friendly and on top of things - very happy with the practice!"

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  • 5 Star Review
    "I had to have a laproscopic hysterectomy done by Dr. Friedell and all went fabulously! They were very detailed in pre-op which made a lot of difference. I came out of surgery feeling great and post op I was back to work within two weeks. Everyone at the practice, at the hospital, at pre-op were incredible."

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr.Julianne Morton is amazing! I was recommended by a friend when I moved to the Chicago area and was looking for an OB-GYN. I have seen her for two years in Chicago for my yearly exam. She is beyond kind and great at what she does. Dr.Morton makes you feel very comfortable and is such an incredible doctor! I have recommended her to all of my friends as well who need a new gyno/OB-GYN."

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr. Morton is a really great doctor. She has an incredible bedside manner and makes you feel comfortable. She makes sure to ask if you have any questions and will happily answer all of them with you. Would highly recommend!"

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr. Friedell is amazing! He helped delivered my first baby and the whole process was super smooth and stress free. All the staff in the office are super friendly too. Highly recommend!"

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr Freidell is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and really cares about his patients. He is very good at getting to the root of the problem, especially with overlapping symptoms. He guided me through all my options and their implications. I will highly recommend him and his team."

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  • 5 Star Review
    "I love Dr. Belmonte. I have been going to her since 2006! She rocks!!! She is straight to the point, I love that about her. When I leave her office after seeing her I always feel great, like a just left a good friends house or something!"
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  • 5 Star Review

    "I can not tell you how wonderful my experiences have been. Dr. Sharon Wise is my doctor and she is fantastic. She is straightforward and honest about treatments and procedures. I enjoy her sense of humor, and I found her bedside manner when delivering my son to be excellent. "

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