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Recommended Pediatrician's and Referrals in Chicago

Please see the list below of recommended Pediatrician's and referrals from Northwestern Women's Health Associates.

Chicago (Downtown, Lincoln Park area and North Suburbs)

Northwestern Children's Practice

680 Lake Shore Dr. #1050
Chicago, IL 60611

Dr. Rebecca Unger Dr. Priya Sharma
Dr. Daphne Hirsh Dr. Scott Goldstein
Dr. Aaron King Dr. Dawn Li
Dr. Leanne Bensko Dr. Tim Blegen

Child & Adolescent Health Associates

1030 N. Clark #400
Chicago, IL 60610
Dr. Aleta Clark Dr. Allison Foster
Dr. Karen Wilson Dr. Sapna Mukherjee
Dr. Laura Mikhail Dr. Heidi Pfetcher
Dr. Tram Luu Dr. Gennie Lipkin
Dr. Cari Tarnowaski Dr. Payal Adhikari

Children's Healthcare Associates

Chicago Office

2835 N. Sheffield St. Suite #501
Chicago, IL 60657

Dr. Bennett Kaye
Dr. Mary Rauen
Dr. Carrie Gosch
Dr. Kenneth Lyons

Northbrook Office

1535 Lake Cook Rd. Ste. 101
Northbrook, IL 60062

Dr. Barbara Slivnick
Dr. Sonia Sterrett
Dr. Deanna Monroe
Dr. Jonathan Nechele

Lakeview Pediatrics

1525 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657
Dr. Janice Salem
Dr. Jennifer Newport
Dr. Alison Gehle
Dr. Audrey Chang
Dr. Meryl Perlman
Dr. Christine Janowiak

Northwestern Pediatrics

Chicago Office

201 E. Huron St. Ste. 12-260
Chicago, IL 60611
Dr. Fredrick Cahan
Dr. Scott Taxman

Northbrook Office

1535 Lake Cook Rd. #603
Northbrook, IL 60062
Dr. Richard Weinstein
Dr. Eustathia Panoushis

Streeterville Pediatrics

233 E. Erie Street #304
Chicago, IL 60611
Dr. Donald K. Brown
Dr. Kathleen Starr
Dr. Katie McCabe

Town & Country Pediatrics

Chicago Locations

1460 N. Halsted, Suite 402
Chicago, IL 60640

Glenview Office

2601 Compass Rd, Suite 120
Glenview, IL 60026

Dr. Barbara Johnson
Dr. Ken Polin
Dr. Irene Freeman
Dr. Jenny Hong
Dr. Danielle Cherian
Dr. Ellen Papacek
Dr. Ann Wymm
Dr. David Drelicharz
Dr. Emily Lieberman

6374 N. Lincoln, Suite 204
Chicago, IL 60659

Dr. Diane Holmes
Dr. Diane DiMaggio
Dr. Dori Kazdin
Dr. Jennifer Bergquist
Dr. Connie Blade
Dr. Michal Goldberg
Dr. Diane Hirsch
Dr. Emily Cetner

Weissbluth Pediatrics

737 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 820
Chicago, IL 60611

Dr. Daniel Weissbluth

NorthShore University

1950 Dempster St.
Evanston, IL 60202

Dr. Irwin Benuck
Dr. Edward Traisman Dr. Teri Merens
Dr. Valerie Kimball

Sanders Court Pediatrics

1051 W. Rand Rd. Suite 103
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Dr. Sarah Breen

Dr. David Oppenheim

185 N. Milwaukee Ave
Licolnshire, IL 60069

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  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By Gerilynn H.

    Dr. Regina Belmonte has been providing all the services I have needed for over 12 years. She saw me through both of my pregnancies and her expertise is vast. Even after I moved far away from the city, I still embrace and look forward to her care and services, and I refuse to switch doctors. She is worth the trip! Going through both pregnancies I had to meet with all of the Dr's. and all were wonderful. The nurses are fantastic. I have gotten 98% of what I have ever needed just talking to a nurse. So grateful for this practice and so confident with the care I receive.
  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By Jelly T.

    Dr. Abbie Roth is GOLD!
    I have never met a doctor who is caring and brilliant and with a great sense of humor as doctor Abbie Roth. She is very professional and has an excellent bedside manner. When I had a life threatening complication after my C-section, she and her Prentice team of doctors and nurses were such an efficient team under pressure while making sure they explain every process and steps during the situation. Dr. Abbie Roth and her team literally saved my life! I am very fortunate to have met Dr. Roth, I will never forget her and will continue to see her for my future OB/Gyne health. I highly recommend this practice and Dr. Roth!
  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By Jessica

    If you are new to Chicago or are just looking for a new physician, please make an appointment with Dr. Friedell. This is the first time in my adult life, that a doctor spent an hour with me going over my medical history, asking questions and documenting my history accurately. His assessment and subsequent surgery were all done t a T! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or his staff. I have had very positive experiences every time I've gone and I always leave feeling like I've been really seen and heard.
  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By Monica E.

    I was recommended to NWWH through a friend after a year of unsuccessful IUI with my partner. We were seen and cared for by Dr. Friedell. Best decision ever. You will definitely wait for the doctor for maybe 30 minutes past your appointment time but you will not regret it. His thoroughness and patience to explain everything to us in a way we understood was amazing. He was quick to start a game plan for us. We will definitely stick with Dr. Friedell as our OB/GYN.

    Apart from Dr. Friedell, the staff was quick to perform any lab work and ultrasounds with friendly conversation and compassion. This type of service really helps when we've gone through a rough time trying to get pregnant. Definitely make an appointment with Dr. Friedell.
  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By Jennifer H.

    I have been going to Dr. Friedell for over a year now and he has been nothing less than amazing. When I first came to him to discuss pregnancy, he was incredibly informative and understanding. He was also willing to take the time to answer all of my questions and help in any way he could. He just delivered my son in March and to say he went the extra mile during delivery would be an understatement. I had some complications and with any other doctor I would have had a c-section. Dr. Friedell worked with me and was extremely patient and because of his care and expertise I had a successful vaginal delivery. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By Karima R.

    I have been going to this office for little over a month now due to some complications! I have been seen Dr. Friedell, he is very caring and always made sure he answers all my concerns. I am beyond impressed with my experience with Dr Friedell and his PA " Amber". Dr Friedell called me many times after hours to talk to me about my medical results and answers any concerns that I have.

    I would highly recommend Dr Friedell.
  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By Elizabeth T.

    I have been a patient of this practice for over 5 years now and have only positive reviews of Dr. Feldstein. He was the doctor on call and delivered my third son without any complications. He was knowledgeable, patient focused and went above and beyond to answer my questions and provide a safe and healthy delivery. I also want to note his positive bedside manner to not only my husband and I, but to the nursing staff that was working with him. He was very respectful and I am very thankful to have had him for my delivery. I would recommend this group, Dr. Feldstein in particular without reservation.
  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By LA

    I switched to Dr. Roth mid pregnancy due to health insurance reasons and it was probably the best decision I have ever made in my life. She is definitely warm and funny but also extremely competent and knowledgeable. I would say what makes her stand out from other doctors is how calm and not reactive she is in even the most dire situations. My son was in serious fetal distress (unexpected and not preventable) and she was very calm and reassuring as we literally ran to the OR for my c section. With the rise of c sections today I feel Dr. Roth is one of the few remaining fabulous ob's that truly plans for normal vaginal births (your choice if you want an epi or not) and although I needed a c section I knew it was truly necessary. I could not speak more highly of her, not only did she save my sons life but she made me feel safe, secure and empowered even when decisions and actions were out of my hands.
  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By Dana M.

    I love Dr. Belmonte. I have been going to her since 2006! She rocks!!! She is straight to the point, I love that about her. When I leave her office after seeing her I always feel great, like a just left a good friends house or something!
  • Northwestern Women's Health Associates
    5 Dr. Stanley Friedell, 5 Star Review By Barbara A

    I can not tell you how wonderful my experiences have been. Dr. Sharon Wise is my doctor and she is fantastic. She is straightforward and honest about treatments and procedures. I enjoy her sense of humor, and I found her bedside manner when delivering my son to be excellent.