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Obgyn obstetrics office in Chicago, provides quality care

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C Providing Obgyn Traetment

Have you just had a positive pregnancy test and are wondering, “what now?” Northwestern Women’s Health Associates , located in Chicago, is here for you. We offer quality obgyn obstetrics services. We strive to form personal relationships with each patient to provide excellent care and optimal health. We believe that education is instrumental in providing superior care and helping to prevent future problems. Obstetrics services  Prenatal care – We begin to see you between seven and ten weeks of pregnancy. If you have a normal gestation, these initial appointments occur every four weeks. Frequency increases the further you get in … Continue reading

Pain Management in Labor

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C Describing Pain Management

Although a natural process, labor can be immensely challenging. Every woman is different in the way that she experiences the pains of labor, and each labor itself will progress in its own way. One of the important discussions to have as the birth of your baby draws near is the options you have for pain management when in labor. The physicians at Northwestern Women’s Health Associates, in Chicago, take the time needed to educate patients and discuss details of various forms of pain management so that labor is a less stressful event. Considering the options Pain management in labor does … Continue reading

Your gynecologist in Chicago, and near Northwest Indiana is a wonderful resource for help with urinary incontinence

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C Treatment For Urinary

Although urinary incontinence is a very common condition that affects women, it is not a frequent topic of discussion. A woman may even find it difficult to discuss this subject with her health care provider. Whether you live in Chicago or near New Buffalo, we encourage you stop trying to live with urinary incontinence and to talk with a member of our gynecologist team at Northwestern Women’s Health Associates, In our practice, patients find a listening ear and a wonderful resource through which solutions to improve quality of life can be found. Urinary incontinence Urinary incontinence is a condition that … Continue reading

Find solutions to painful intercourse when you consult with your gynecologist near Chesterton/Valparaiso

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C Providing Valparasio

We often associate painful intercourse with menopause. The fact is, however, that three out of four women report feeling some level of physical discomfort during sexual intercourse at some point in their lives. Several factors may lead to painful intercourse. Some of them are gynecologic in nature, such as endometriosis or cysts. In some cases, however, the painful sexual experience stems from an issue with sexual response, such as inadequate arousal to sexual stimulation. Where may pain occur? The vagina is a complex area of the body. Pain during intercourse is typically felt in an area outside of the vaginal … Continue reading

Symptoms of vaginal infection should be evaluated by your gynecologist in Chicago

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C Symptoms of vaginal infection should be evaluated by your gynecologist in Chicago

Vaginal health is not necessarily something women discuss often, even with their health care provider. The vagina is, however, an important area related to reproductive, sexual, and general health and wellness. The body naturally protects the vaginal area, inhibiting infection by supporting an acidic environment. Additionally, healthy bacteria exist in the vagina. One of the questions that many women have about vaginal health revolves around the issue of discharge. In fact, most instances of vaginal discharge are very normal, a process through which the area is cleansed and regulated. Sometimes, however, vaginal discharge can alert you to an imbalance in … Continue reading

Gynecologist team in Chicago provides specific care to manage perimenopause

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C Gynecologist team in Chicago provides specific care to manage perimenopause

We often hear about menopause as a pivotal event for a woman. The time during which the body is gradually progressing toward the end of menstruation may be even more challenging than the finality of menopause. The reproductive phase referred to as perimenopause may last only a few years or as long as a decade. As the body undergoes numerous changes, focused care from your gynecologist in Chicago may be a crucial component to health and vitality. During perimenopause, hormone levels become highly unstable. From one woman to another, symptoms that stem from fluctuating estrogen, testosterone, and other vital hormones … Continue reading

Your gynecologist near Munster is a valuable resource after menopause

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C gynecologist near Munster is a valuable resource after menopause

In the years leading up to and after menopause, a woman’s body experiences a number of changes. Though just more than a quarter of perimenopausal and postmenopausal women describe this stage of life as rather uneventful, the large majority experience a variety of symptoms to varying degrees. The experience you have during the years surrounding menopause will be unique to you, and your gynecologist is here to see you through it. Northwestern Women’s Health Associates, provides every level of care to patients from the Chicago area and from areas including Munster, Michigan City, and more. As you transition from one … Continue reading

Chicago doctor explains what to expect during the first obstetrics examination

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C Providing Obstetrics Examination

Women who believe they are pregnant should call their doctor right away. Obstetrics examinations are an important part of pregnancy care. The physicians at Northwestern Women’s Health Associates help their Chicago-area patients throughout pregnancy and delivery. Prenatal care is important for babies and moms Regular appointments with your obstetrician are important to ensure the health of the mom and the baby. In addition to monitoring the growth of the baby and the health of the mom, prenatal appointments provide an opportunity to share important information, offer counseling and support, and answer any questions you have. The first appointment During your … Continue reading

How Can You Prevent STDs: A Guide to Testing and Prevention

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C Describing about STD

A sexually transmitted disease (STD) is an infection that is spread between people during sexual contact. STDs can cause symptoms that range in severity from minor discomfort to death. According to The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), STDs are the most common spread diseases in the US other than the common cold and flu. How Can You Prevent STDs The only way to fully protect yourself from contracting an STD is by abstaining from sexual activity. There are other ways that you can greatly reduce the risk of contracting an STD. Practice Monogamy – Knowing your sexual partners … Continue reading

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Understand the Signs of Perimenopause

Dr. Stanley Friedell, Northwestern Women's Health Associates S.C Providing Treatment For abnormal uterine bleeding

There is a period of years during a woman’s life before menopause when hormones have begun to change while the body transitions into menopause. This phase is called periomenopause. During periomenopause a woman may experience abnormal uterine bleeding. How Long Does Periomenopause Last? Every woman has a different experience but the phase of periomenopause can last up to 10 years. By definition, a woman has not entered menopause until they have been without a menstrual period for 1 year. During a normal menstrual cycle a women’s hormones change in a cyclic pattern which causes a fairly consistent menstrual period. During … Continue reading

Success Stories

  • 5 Star Review
    "Wonderful experience with Dr. Julianne Morton @ NW Women's Associates. I've recommended her to countless girlfriends. Being a first time mom, I went through many physical symptoms and emotions that accompany pregnancy. She is extremely thorough, patient, and has wonderful bedside manner. I felt confident going into delivery with Dr. Morton taking the lead with my delivery. Wonderful practice!"

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr. Morton is absolutely amazing. She cared for me throughout my first pregnancy and we found her to be kind and caring and straightforward - could not have asked for a better experience! Dr. Dunn ended up being on call during my delivery and she was great as well. I have always found the nurses and office staff to be friendly and on top of things - very happy with the practice!"

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  • 5 Star Review
    "I had to have a laproscopic hysterectomy done by Dr. Friedell and all went fabulously! They were very detailed in pre-op which made a lot of difference. I came out of surgery feeling great and post op I was back to work within two weeks. Everyone at the practice, at the hospital, at pre-op were incredible."

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr.Julianne Morton is amazing! I was recommended by a friend when I moved to the Chicago area and was looking for an OB-GYN. I have seen her for two years in Chicago for my yearly exam. She is beyond kind and great at what she does. Dr.Morton makes you feel very comfortable and is such an incredible doctor! I have recommended her to all of my friends as well who need a new gyno/OB-GYN."

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr. Morton is a really great doctor. She has an incredible bedside manner and makes you feel comfortable. She makes sure to ask if you have any questions and will happily answer all of them with you. Would highly recommend!"

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr. Friedell is amazing! He helped delivered my first baby and the whole process was super smooth and stress free. All the staff in the office are super friendly too. Highly recommend!"

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  • 5 Star Review
    "I visited Dr Feldstein office yesterday. All of his stuff was very kind and nice to me. He has a professional-team, so I know I have nothing to be afraid of. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people I meet. I am in good hands."

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  • 5 Star Review
    "Dr Freidell is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and really cares about his patients. He is very good at getting to the root of the problem, especially with overlapping symptoms. He guided me through all my options and their implications. I will highly recommend him and his team."

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  • 5 Star Review
    "I love Dr. Belmonte. I have been going to her since 2006! She rocks!!! She is straight to the point, I love that about her. When I leave her office after seeing her I always feel great, like a just left a good friends house or something!"
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  • 5 Star Review

    "I can not tell you how wonderful my experiences have been. Dr. Sharon Wise is my doctor and she is fantastic. She is straightforward and honest about treatments and procedures. I enjoy her sense of humor, and I found her bedside manner when delivering my son to be excellent. "

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